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Lightsprint - realtime global illumination
About Lightsprint

Lightsprint was a world leader in realistic realtime lighting middleware.

Lightsprint SDK is a multiplatform middleware for C++ developers:
  • realtime global illumination offers the most realistic realtime lighting with freely moving lights
  • global illumination precalculation builds lightmaps and more in scenes with static lights

Lightsmark Lightsmark 2008 - lighting benchmark powered by Lightsprint SDK. Realtime radiosity, color bleeding, penumbra shadows.

Lightsprint SDK has helped us create realistic lighting quickly and with minimal effort. It has become an integral part of our pipeline for next-gen games.

Petr Vochozka, CEO Illusion Softworks

realtime global illumination - color bleeding Realtime global illumination demo from Eurographics 2007 talk where we explained our technique.


2023/08: Lightsprint SDK becomes free open source software.
2012/01: Lightsprint donated 10% of 2011 revenue to charity.
2011/10: Coreplay licensed Lightsprint SDK for Jagged Alliance - Back in Action.
2011/08: XPEC Entertainment licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2011/07: Virtual Air Guitar Company licensed Lightsprint SDK for Kung-Fu High Impact.
2011/06: PlayCoo Corporation licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2011/05: 3DreamTeam licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2011/03: DIaCAD systems licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2011/02: bitHeads licensed Lightsprint SDK for Sideway.
2011/01: Nexon Corporation licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2010/12: Lightsprint founder donated 10% of Lightsprint revenue in 2010 to charity. And pledges to do so every year.
2010/11: Barunson Interactive licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2010/10: Virtual Air Guitar Company licensed Lightsprint SDK for Gamebryo LightSpeed title Kung-Fu Live.
2010/01: VectorCell licensed Lightsprint SDK for AMY.
2010/01: Interoperability on steroids, Lightsprint SDK reads 60+ formats, writes 30+ formats.
2009/08: Neowiz Games licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2009/06: CAD Projekt licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2009/06: NCsoft licensed Lightsprint SDK for online RPG Metal Black Alternative.
2009/02: Airtight Games licensed Lightsprint SDK for Unreal Engine 3 title Dark Void.
2008/12: Lightsprint SDK fully supports Gamebryo game engine. Certified by Emergent Game Technologies.
2008/11: Krome Studios licensed Lightsprint SDK for Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic heroes.
2008/08: Lightsmark 2008 lighting benchmark released, uses Lightsprint SDK.
2008/06: 3D Render Ltd licensed Lightsprint SDK for virtual reality software RenderLights.
2008/01: EGN Interactive licensed Lightsprint SDK.
2007/10: Lightsmark 2007 lighting benchmark released, uses Lightsprint SDK.
2007/09: Lightsprint founder talked at Eurographics 2007, Real-time Global Illumination for Next Generation Games.
2007/06: Team Bondi licensed Lightsprint SDK for L.A.Noire.
2007/05: Lightsprint founder talks at Game Developers Session 2007.
2006/10: Read interview for 3d-test.com.
2006/09: Our realtime radiosity tech presented at Eurographics 2006.
2006/02: Illusion Softworks (now 2K Czech) licensed Lightsprint SDK for multiple undisclosed titles.