LightsprintSDK 2021.08.08
Third party components

Lightsprint integrated into game engine can work without any third party component.

Lightsprint without game engine needs functions for file import/export, GUI etc, this is why several free open source libraries with permissive licenses are used. You are free to download their sources and modify them, use them in commercial applications without need to open your source code etc. All of these libraries are optional and can be removed, global illumination solver doesn't need them. Some of them are included just in case you need them integrated, but we keep them disabled by default.

Libraries used by LightsprintCore (global illumination solvers):

Used by LightsprintGL (optional OpenGL support):

Used by LightsprintEd (optional scene editor):

Used by LightsprintIO (optional file format support):

Used by samples (completely optional):