LightsprintSDK 2021.08.08

It can't be easier.


Lightsprint SDK binaries don't not need any setup, environment variables, registry entries etc. They work from any location in filesystem (local disk or network).
Only source code might need few environment variables for build system to locate Third party components.

Deployment - game programmers

Programmers need access to complete SDK. For programmers evaluating Lightsprint SDK, deployment consists of unpacking SDK archive to any location. After acquiring full license, the easiest deployment technique is to put Lightsprint SDK under your version control system, so that all programmers get it via regular source code update.

Programmers integrate Lightsprint SDK into toolchain or engine for artists and players.

Deployment - game artists

Artists usually don't interact with Lightsprint files directly, they use Lightsprint integrated into game engine and tools. Integration needs access only to small subset of SDK's files. For example in case of Unreal Engine 3 integration, the only new file for artists is LightsprintCore.vs2005.dll. Artists may also need documentation (doc/html) to check artist's guide for used techniques. Programmers should include relevant files into game's engine/toolchain, so that artists get integration next time they update, without any additional effort.

Deployment - game players

Games with static lighting (lightmaps) precomputed by Lightsprint SDK don't need to redistribute any Lightsprint SDK files.

Games with lighting computed in real-time by Lightsprint may depend on Lightsprint SDK redistributable files, similarly to game tools used by artists. Programmers should include relevant (and only relevant) files into game's distribution.