LightsprintSDK 2021.08.08

This is a brief list of Lightsprint features, see Calculation and outputs, API overview and Samples for more details.

Platforms, compilers etc.

Data input / output

Global illumination

  • portfolio of Techniques, optimized for different use cases
  • realtime global illumination / realtime radiosity / realtime pathtracing
  • realtime penumbra shadows, soft shadows, RGB shadows, RGB blending
  • realtime color bleeding
  • dynamic lights
  • dynamic objects
  • dynamic skybox
  • multithreaded, all cores/CPUs and GPU work at once
  • supports work distributed in cluster of computers
  • computed and rendered in HDR
  • custom color space on inputs/outputs (linear/sRGB/other)

Light source formats (inputs)

  • spot, point, directinal lights
  • area light
  • projected texture, projected video, projected video capture
  • environment (LDR, HDR, various skybox formats, 360 degree panorama, 360 degree video, 360 degree video capture, blend of environments)
  • emissive materials (LDR, HDR textures, video, video capture)

Lighting computed (outputs)

  • lightmap
  • directional lightmap for radiosity normal mapping/RNM
  • ambient map
  • ambient occlusion, global ambient occlusion
  • diffuse environment map
  • specular environment map
  • bent normal map
  • vertex buffer with colors or bent normals
  • illumination of triangle or vertex
  • illumination at ray end
  • any combination of direct/indirect/global illumination


  • includes modern extensible OpenGL / OpenGL ES based renderer
  • integrates with external renderers (possibly based on Direct3D, Mantle, Metal etc. not demonstrated in SDK)
  • includes CPU based pathtracer
  • integrates with external pathtracers (demonstrated in SDK)

Stereo rendering

  • side-by-side
  • top-down
  • interlaced
  • Oculus Rift

Panorama rendering

  • equirectangular
  • little planet
  • fisheye


  • diffuse/specular/emissive/opacity/normalmap/heightmap slots
  • video files and live video capture can be used in all slots
  • index of refraction, shininess/roughness
  • integrations support arbitrary 3rd party materials


  • imports your unwrap
  • automatically builds new unwrap

Tangent space

  • imports your tangent space
  • automatically builds new tangent space


  • supports realtime illumination
  • supports precomputed illumination
  • supports mix of realtime and precomputed illumination